Our vision is to make children disciplined and to make them understand the meaning of a good citizen.


Our mission is to grow children with positive and analytical thinking.

To give them all the comfort and space to explore new things.

To aware them about the cleanliness of surrounding where they live and of the country.


The child with a purpose knowing what he wants to do next and he is able to do it is happiness.

Out of this joy comes self-confidence & willingness to work.

If such a child is equipped with the right tools, there is no stopping his way to excellence.

Our Approach

Our curriculum is the set of experiences, activities, and events, direct or indirect which occur in an environment specially planned to foster children’s learning and development.

We focus on the comprehensive child-centric curriculum that comes with a set of objectives in all major areas of development. It is related to a child’s overall development in which the child finds themselves.